April 20, 2008

Pulling the Trigger

Quick update so I can get back out to my gardening.....

5-7 Follicles on the Left ranging from 1.3 - 2.1

10+ Follicles on the Right ranging from 1.6 - 2.1 (with one at 2.5)

Lining: still "about 13"

So, we got the call this afternoon:

We are doing the trigger shot at 3 a.m. tomorrow morning. We'll be setting a few alarms tonight for sure! (for those not versed in IVF - the trigger shot is a high dose of HCG that will cause final maturation of the eggs and ready them for "ovulation" - or retrieval in our case - in 36 hours.)

No more Gonal F tonight, no meds tomorrow at all. Which has me worried - I thought you usually do Lupron all the way to retrieval? I am just super paranoid at this point....everything has gone so well - I would hate for something to happen now like ovulating on my own before retrieval!

I will go in tomorrow to get blood work and I can't wait. I am definitely missing talking with my nurse, Amber. The nurses this weekend have been really kind and great - I am just used to communicating with Amber and will feel better when I can run everything past her.

SO - Retrieval will be......TUESDAY!!!! We have to be there at 1pm. Which means, I will have had no food or drink for 13 hours at that point? (no food or drink after midnight the night before) That doesn't seem right. I will have to ask Amber about that tomorrow.

But wow. TUESDAY!!! We are really really really gonna do this!!!!

Oh....found out my Estrogen was 2700 yesterday - forgot to ask the nurse today because well, she said "Retrieval" and my head pretty much exploded after that.

I am so excited for this next step!!!!


s.e. said...

Great news. Isn't it just so hard to sit back and trust the doctors? It's wonderful to see you are so upbeat and excited. Wishing you luck!

Denise said...

Yay Spicy! I'm so excited for you! I honestly can't remember now when I stopped Lu.pron the last time, but they know what they're doing. They wouldn't take you all this way and risk you ovulating through.

I know what you mean about missing talking to your nurse. My usual nurse (Jennifer) was off all weekend and she is definitely better and calming me down, while being honest at the same time. I just get a lot more information out of her, so she is a good fit for me.

That sucks that your retrieval is so late in the day though. I think the no food thing after midnight the night before must be standard regardless of what time your retrieval is scheduled for. My last retrieval, we had to be there at some ungodly hour in the morning, so I wasn't even thinking about food. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about the retrieval. My last one was 7 months ago, but it feels like yesterday. Did you ask which doc will be doing your retrieval?

So one more day to get through and then it will be time! Can't wait to hear about all the wonderful mature eggs they get from you on Tuesday!

Jen said...

I am so excited for you! Tuesday? Tuesday! Yay!

And from what I remember, it was a day free of shots before retrieval. It was really nice and really odd to not have to poke my fat with some sort of drug.

And I can't believe 3 a.m. I thought my 11:30 on a weeknight was bad enough, no more complaining!

I wish you all the best. It sounds like you will get lots of great eggs and I'm crossing everything that it all goes smooth! Yay!

Much love!

Anonymous said...

yay yay yay! I am so excited! Try to take it easy girl. Trust in your doctors. I have such high hopes for you!

Anonymous said...

Finally retrieval! Yeah! I did not have any drug at all on the day before the retrieval, neither. The retrieval was pretty easy experience for me. One minute you remember being transferred to the retrieval room, and when you wake up it is all done! The embryologist will tell you on the same day how many eggs that they retrieved. (They will retrieve every eggs that they can get regardless of too big or too small). You will know next mornings, how many were matured and fertilized. I wish you all the best!

nancy said...

Oh crap. 1pm, eh? As I mentioned this weekend, I have had 16 surgeries that required anesthesia. And I always schedule the first time slot in the day, not the first available all together. One time I had surgery at 3pm and it was ridiculous. I was, however, allowed to drink (not eat) up to 8 hours before, so 7am was my cutoff. Yours should be 5am - which, being that early isn't going to matter in the grand scheme of things.

Lupron. I took my lupron in the evenings and had to take it up to trigger injection. The day in between trigger and ER was an injection free day, even from lupron. My hcg trigger was 10pm due to the 9am ER.

Good luck! You knew you wouldn't make it!!

Oh - and about your feelings on Saturday. It's funny - you were talking a lot, I did notice that. I only notice because I'm such a huge talker and rarely do I meet the ones who talk more. (not a bad thing). Anywho, I assumed you were just so comfortable with everyone, that you had tons to talk about. Kindof ironic you felt awkard while I made the specific observation that I thought you were so comfortable with everyone.

If that wasn't your "A-game", I would love to be around when you are! Next time, okay? When we are all ooing and awwing over your possible pregnant belly.