April 25, 2008

Because they didn't have anything available at 3am....

So....a little while ago a nurse called. She told me that my transfer would be at 11:15 on Sunday. I would need to be there by 10:15. Great. Perfect. No problems. We scheduled my pregnancy test for May 6th and all was good.

Then she called back:

"We need to change your transfer time on Sunday. Your transfer will be at 7:30am. We need you to be here by 6:30am."

Um, ok.

We will leave our house at 5:30am. It will still be dark.

Of course now I am freaking out - why am I moved earlier? Is it bad luck to possibly be the FIRST transfer of the day? Will the doctor even be AWAKE at that hour?

Also - this means I will have to see my acupuncturist on Saturday instead of the morning of transfer. Because I very much doubt that she likes to see patients at o-dark-thirty in the morning. So now I am worried that will be a bad thing. I know she will tell me it doesn't matter, that the treatment will still *work*. But I can't help but wish it was happening differently.

Talk about having to let go of my control, right?

Ugh. I *know* this is so not a big deal. But still. Freaking out here.

Just because I can.

(I know, it will be fine. They are professionals. An early transfer isn't a bad thing. I know, I know. I will be fine. Just needed to spaz out a little. Sorry.)


Jen said...

It just means you have a full Sunday of C. pampering you, feeding you grapes as you lounge and think sticky thoughts!

Great news on all the little embies though! I personally think your fert. report and their growth is fabu!

And come on, you don't live THAT far from the palace. Who will be on the highway at 6 am Sunday???

Denise said...

Spaz away.

Maybe earlier is better. It means that you have the WHOLE day on bedrest in addition to the next day. And your embies will be returned to you sooner-and I'm sure they'll be much more comfortable with you than in the dish. I know, I'm stretching here.

Spicy Sister said...

Thanks ladies. Immediately after I hit "Publish" I felt like such a whiny dork. Thanks for understanding and being so supportive.

I like these ideas. You are right, they will do better inside of me (actually a really great point), the sooner the better - and yes, C. will definitely need to spend the ENTIRE day pampering me. :)

Thanks for helping me see the bright side.

And Jen - when I say we'll leave at 5:30, I really mean we'll be rushing out the door at 6am. :) We are so chronically late that I am planning ahead, plus I am a bit paranoid after last time....

Anonymous said...

Good luck hon! I will be thinking about you!

luna said...

hi, I can't remember how I found you, but I just wanted to wish you all the best with your transfer.

so does that mean you get to eat valium for breakfast?

take care,

nancy said...

Can I be selfish and say "I would of given anything to have them transferred first thing in the morning?"

Sorry, but when you've got a story, you use it, right?

It's fine. They were just scheduling you for some other reason. Probably called someone else for that first slot and they weren't as nice as you and bitched about it, so she gave them your time slot. :)

Duck said...

Maybe he has a 9am golf time?
Your not a dork! It's always alarming when they change the times... what does it mean??? Good luck tomorrow.

Spicy Sister said...

luna....oh! I totally forgot about the valium! Valium before the sun rises? Is that even legal??? :)

(secretly reallllly looking forward to the valium....mmmm...)

nancy....I know, I am so fortunate to get to complain about transfer times. I hope you will be posting about your transfer soon....thanks for helping me to keep it all in perspective. (hugs)

HeidiM said...

My last retrieval, I was the last of 12 patients and got wheeled out around 7pm on a Friday evening. So...be happy you're not last! I was paranoid that they were operating on autopilot by then, thinking about their weekends more than my eggs.