April 17, 2008

Day 4 of Stims...

Follicles: 15+ ....ranging from .8 - 1.3cm with most about 1.1-1.2cm

Lining: 12 !!! (can this get TOO big?)

Waiting on blood results and dosage instructions for tonight and tomorrow.

It's amazing how nerve-wracking this all is, even when it is all going so well!

I saw my wonderful counselor yesterday and one of the interesting thoughts I am taking away from my time with her is this:

What if we measured our personal growth with as much excitement and attention as we measure these follicles? We get excited over each millimeter in growth, the entire process depends on such minuscule measurements being just the right size at just the right time - what if we allowed ourselves to be that hopeful, to pay that much attention to the tiny bits of growth that happen in our hearts, in our lives, in our relationships from day to day?


Updated to add:

Estrogen: 1182

Progesterone: 0.4

LH: 3.9

- Updated protocol:
tonight - 150 Gonal F

tomorrow - 2 vials Menopur, 75 Gonal F

Sat. - 1 vial Menopur

No appt tomorrow. Next bw and u/s is Saturday - at the main center (the one I stalked a couple week ago).

It will be nice to have a legitimate reason to go check it out. :)

Had acupuncture today and met a good friend for a walk. I was feeling kinda funky this morning, but I think the acupuncture is helping - I feel a little better right now. But I am soooooooo tired!!!!

Yawn. Must nap. Now.


Jen said...

Yay! Everything sounds like its going fabulous!

s.e. said...

I don't know if this info can transfer over to IVF but I had a ultrasound tech share with me that the "good" range for lining is anywhere between 7-15. I have no clue if there are growth patterns or how quickly things can progress. Try not to focus on it too much!

Denise said...

Sounds like everything is going good! Are you starting to feel "full" yet? What time is your appointment Saturday? Maybe we can hang out in the lobby together. Mine is at 8:45am.

nancy said...

Congrats on the wonderful progress :)