April 27, 2008

On behalf of my spicy wife

Mrs. Spicy is on bed rest with 2 embryos for company for the next day and a half. She agreed to allow me, Mr. Spicy, to try my hand at posting my very first blog. Please bear with me.

It has been an amazing and crazy ride and she has diligently and creatively covered the pertinent details... She's a tough act to follow but I'll do my best to cover today's events in my own Spicy way. Before I get too far I want to say thanks to you - this amazing community that has followed our journey virtually and made a small place for us in your hearts.

Today began at 4am because we had a few things to do besides the normal shower. We prayed together silently becauses sometimes silence works a bit better. She also had me light this stick of marajuana smelling herb called "moxa", given to us by her accupuncturist, and then move it slowly over her belly. Ok, I never thought I'd be moving a burning stick of herbs over my wife's belly at 5am in the morning because I have, or she has, some small hope that it's going to contribute to getting her "aligned" and therefore increase our chances of pregnancy. I thought the nurses at the center would think we were a cute pothead couple until I got into the elevator after checking in and hit the cloud of moxa left by another couple. Who knows how many people in my past I've labeled as potheads when really they were just a couple trying to get pregnant?

They gave her a valium and after 15 minutes she thought it was the BEST idea. She remembered how wonderful I really am and started to tell me about it in detail. It was great.

Before they brought in the embryos they gave us the report. Two grade AA blastocysts - perfect. There were a few stragglers that would probably make it to the freezer as well. Then they wheeled in the embryos and let us see them on a flat screen. I'm staring at what could be our two babies in 9 mos on a 19 inch flat screen. The lights were dim and it was... holy. Mrs. Spicy blurted out, "They're beautiful!" and the doctor said, "You're saying that out of emotion but it's true." Hovering there illuminated, vulnerable with so much that could be, two little beginnings. It is impossible not to hope.

Everything went well and now Mrs. Spicy is next to me asking for juice with her feet up on pillows and a stack of videos next to her. She's feeling a bit uncomfortable because she's not one to lay in bed all day and she's sore.

Thanks for all your good thoughts, and for taking the time to be with us here.


luna said...

thanks for posting an update and best of luck to both of you in the wait.

mmm, valium for breakfast.

I used to go to the market after my acupuncturist used moxa and I was convinced everyone thought I was high. ha!

Duck said...

Thanks for posting Mr. Spicy, it sounded like you had a great transfer. Hope Mrs. Spicy is spoiled for the next few days.

Denise said...

Hello, Mr. Spicy, welcome to blogland! Thanks for updating us so we can stop holding our breath. So glad the transfer went well. Take care of Mrs. Spicy and her precious cargo.

Lori said...

Oh, I can tell like you as much as I like the Mrs.

Bury and nestle, little Spice-ettes!

annacyclopedia said...

Mr. Spicy, so nice to meet you. Thank you for posting the update. I am beyond thrilled that things went so well and that the darling Sister has you to bring her juice and other things. I will be keeping you both, as well as the little peppers, in my thoughts and prayers.

Jen said...


And I am soooo very jealous you got to both see the embies on a big screen. I hope that's a new thing for everyone!

Miss Tori said...

Duffy & Mr Spicy,

I hope that those embies of yours snuggle in nice and warm, and begin to make their home for the next nine months. I'm glad the transfer went so well!


Anonymous said...

Mr and Mrs Spicy, you know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Duffy, take it easy girl. I know it is hard, but do what you have to. I am so excited (and nervous) for you!

You did a great job Mr Spicy!