April 02, 2008

On the lam....

Just a quick update....

Well, they told me it was a good sign that the cytotec caused so much cramping last night - they said that meant it was working - doing the work for me of opening up my cervix so it wouldn't be so hard to place the laminaria. And it definitely did work. The lam placement was super quick - I have had paps that were longer and it went very smoothly - I didn't feel a thing! So, that was good.

On the way home I did begin to experience some discomfort, cramping and slight nausea - and now, about 3 hours post-lam I am really starting to feel it. At this point it feels like really bad menstrual cramps and gets worse the more I move around. I took more Ibuprofen (they said that was best to take for this and that it is ok to take for today) - and we'll just wait and see. They worst part for me is feeling the pain get worse and knowing it is because of this thing inside of me that I cannot remove till tomorrow. Feels like being held hostage.

Thanks so much for all the support ladies! I did imagine you holding my hand - and I think it really helped! Thanks for being such a great support to me!

Ok - back to laying down. I have so much to do today...but it just hurts too much to be too active. I keep thinking it could be so much worse though.... so I am ok. If this gets me one step closer to becoming a mama, I will take it!


At about 5pm the pain just went away! I could still feel some very minor cramping, and my back was a little achy - but suddenly I just felt much much better. I even got a lot of house cleaning and organizing done and even ran to Target.

This morning I was dreading the "removal" - but it wasn't too bad. (the squat position worked well for me Jen) - Gross - but not too bad at all.

One hurdle down, I feel like wonderwoman! Yay!


Meg said...

I keep getting so behind in all of your exciting happenings!

I am sorry you are in so much pain but you have one more sleep until they can yank that thing out of there. It is doing its job if it hurts I guess, right?

I have had some major hot flashes this week and have another whammo shot tomorrow. Ugh. I keep thinking about setting up the fan in the bedroom already.

You call whenever you need a hand, taxi, etc....we could have even topped for some ice cream!

Anonymous said...

I am glad it was a quick procedure! Try to take it easy today and get some rest. I hope the pain isn't too horrible for you.

Jen said...

Shorter than a pap? Seriously?

I am demanding cytotec for my lam. Or maybe mine was that short I was just overwhelmed by the pain. And then later, my dog eating a bunch of chocolate and puking on my pillow!

But it's all in the name of a baby. You'll be there soon. Hugs!

Chiron said...

Oh honey! I am so sorry I didn't check this earlier. I took today off for bereavement leave and totally would have been willing to drive you and hold your hand. I am so sorry you were alone even though I understand mr. spicy's decision. I am glad it was not painful. I once went to the dr. as a child when I fell on the playground and put a rock in my forehead and he hyped me up and told me it was going to be horribly painful... and it tickled and I giggled through the whole thing. Then I had a wort burned off my foot and no one warned me at all and it was excruciating. What do those doctors know anyway? :)

Denise said...

I hope the pain subsides soon! But I'm glad the placement itself went smoothly.

I can't remember if I ever had hot flashes on lupron, but I guess I'll be reminded shortly. Prometrium, however was a different story. I thought my face was on fire. I swear it could have cooked a turkey or something.

Alwen said...

Wow, you're really underway now! How exciting. I'm glad the pain subsided and this step went so well, even if somewhat painfully!

annacyclopedia said...

You are wonderwoman!

(And I less than 3ed you on my blog. Come check it out.)