April 15, 2008

And we are on our way....

Day 4 of stims:

Went in for bloodwork, ultrasound, and pre-op physical today.

Iron: 15.4 (above 12 is good)

Follicles: 12 around the same size (.8-1.0 cm) and 4-5 smaller ones.

Uterine lining: 9.5

So far everything looks really really good! I will get the bloodwork results this afternoon. Originally I wasn't scheduled to go back until Thu, but Amber said I may need to come back tomorrow since everything is looking so good and I have responded so well so quickly.

We talked with Amber for awhile at the end of the appointment and she commented that each time I come in I seem more at peace and more calm and happy. It was good to hear this since I feel like I have been working pretty hard at taking good care of myself during this time, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She talked us through the whole process again, always saying, "when you get your positive pregnancy test", "at your first ultrasound...", " the bloodwork will show that you are pregnant"....etc. I really appreciated this. The positivity, the absoluteness of "I will" be pregnant. I beamed at Mr. Spicy all the way home and kept repeating: "Twelve! Twelve honey! That's eleven more than I make on my own! That's such a good number!"

I feel really really happy with these results. I know the numbers are just that: numbers. But right now I feel so proud of my body for doing exactly what she is supposed to be doing and I am feeling so hopeful and excited I can barely stand it!!!

I'll update this when I get the bloodwork back this afternoon - I'll also add that salmon recipe too since so many of you asked about it.

Updated to add:

Blood work results:

Estrogen: 534
Progesterone: 0.2
LH: 3.0

I don't have a real clear idea what all these numbers mean but the nurse calling said they were all in the good range. Amber told us earlier today that today's bloodwork would not mean a whole lot since this is really just the beginning.

I am still to do 300u of Gonal F tonight, and 2 vials of Menopur in the morning, but tomorrow night I decrease the Gonal F dosage to 150. Then Thu morning we will do u/s and b/w again and see what's what. I am curious about the decreasing dosage tomorrow night? Maybe they are just slowing me down? I will have to ask more questions on Thu. Any thoughts on this?

and....I will get that salmon recipe up. But I have to go make dinner now (Spaghetti Bolognese) and I am really wiped out - I think I got 3 or 4 hours of sleep last night.

Thanks for all the good wishes and support! It is really encouraging - more than you could imagine.


Jen said...

Everything sounds like its going great! I wish you all the best! When is your retrieval and transfer planned?

Spicy Sister said...


The tentative retrieval date is the 23rd...but that all depends on how my follies are growing, etc...could be moved up or out. I am thinking now it will be sooner - but we will have to see what the next u/s looks like - since this is just the beginning.

Meg said...

This post sends chills through me. I am just so thrilled and cannot wait for the rest of your journey to happen!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you! I have been reading up on this so I can keep up with what is planned for you and what you are expecting. I am wishing you all the best!

annacyclopedia said...

Gaaaaaah! EEEEEEK! I am so excited! It just feels so good to hear your energy in this post - feels like everything is happening as it should. So wonderful for you. I'm going to stomp my feet and yell extra loud for you at my flamenco class tonight. Ole!

Denise said...

Looks like you are definitely on the right track! And I'm so jealous of that lining-9.5 already!?! I would guess that the reduced Gonal F is just meant to slow you down a bit. I wonder why they started you off with such high doses to begin with? My first cycle was 1 vial Menopur and 150 Gonal F.

Can you believe retrieval will probably be next week?!

nancy said...

holy shit. Can i borrow some of your lining???