February 22, 2008

"When you stop feeling sorry for yourself and learn to take these days in stride....."

Walt Disney tells the Story of Mestruation. (now on DVD and Blue ray).

Ok. So you may have noticed that I deleted my last two posts that linked to videos from the 1960s with the very oddly open and robotic family explaining to their daughter all about periods. I thought the videos were funny because the adults all seemed so Stepford-Wife-ish and just very very strange.

However, a good friend pointed out that their daughter obviously had Down's Syndrome (which I had noticed as well) and she told me that her friends who had a daughter with Down's also had to explain things like periods to her in a very matter-of-fact and repetitive way. She said the video reminded her of something her friends might have used when educating their daughter and so she didn't think it was so funny.

And I felt like a major asshat.

So I pulled those posts. I will try not to make a habit of this - but I felt like people could really get the wrong idea from them, and I didn't like the idea of laughing at something that might in fact be very necessary and helpful and not at all funny. That's just not how I roll.

In their place however, I have decided to lift your spirits with a video made in 1946 all about "The Story of Menstruation" brought to you by, of all people, Walt Disney, apparently he was the expert on this at the time? Oh, I guess it is also brought to you by our fine friends at Kotex.


Oh, here's 2 more just for good measure:

Molly Grows Up Part I

Molly Grows Up Part II

My favorite line: "I can't go swimming! You know I have the curse!"


Lori said...

"Curse" seems so suddenly appropriate, doesn't it?

Alwen said...

Do you meme? If so, tag, you're it. Here are the rules of the game: http://alwensmusings.blogspot.com/2008/02/meme.html