February 15, 2008

33 grams...but who's counting?

Um, so today I accidentally ingested 33grams of protein at breakfast.

How does one do this?

Well, I was all out of my rice protein powder and my hemp shake mixes. So, I decided to use hubbie's whey protein for my morning shake. I know, it is dairy - but I figured a little wouldn't hurt. It is hormone-free, after all.

So - I put 10oz. of water in the cup, then I add a scoop of the whey protein, then I add a tbsp. of raw almond butter, then I add 3/4 c. of frozen organic raspberries, and then I top it all off with a scoop of my chocolate flavored-greens supplement. Yummy!

As the Magic Bullet is whirring away, I decide to check out the stats....

Whey Protein: 24 grams of protein (holy cow!)
Almond Butter: 7 grams of protein (who knew?)
Greens Powder: 2 grams of protein

Slurping down more protein than the human body can digest in one sitting?


Of course now I am scouring the internet for what happens when you have a protein-overdose. Eh...I think I will be fine - I just feel like I am hopped up on speed, that's normal, right?


Lori said...

Based on what my sister went through during her body-building days...you might want to down some fiber.

That's too funny. I didn't know all that.

nancy said...

Wow - that's quite a feat! Good thing it wasn't 33 grams of fiber in one sitting :)

Nice to "meet" you! I see that you don't know if you are coming tomorrow or not, but I hope you do. If you don't, I'll definitely get to know you through your blog. Looks like we are both on this IVF journey!

The Town Criers said...

Damn, that's a lot of protein.

And I see you're a Coloblogger! I'm in the Order of the Plastic Uterus (the D.C. group). Lori and I always joke that we're like the Jets and the Sharks.