March 12, 2008

I feel like I am 13 again...

Waiting by the phone.

I am frantically checking email and my phone constantly to see if my stalkee the woman who interviewed me has contacted me about the summer or spring break positions. So far...nuttin'.

She said she would make a decision early this week. It is now mid-week. I am thinking this is not a good sign.

I really want this job. And I REALLY don't want to have to apply, interview, or subject myself to the stress of searching for another job. Can't just ONE thing go as planned? Just one thing. Please.

I really cannot handle one more drop of stress at this moment, it has been a monumentally stressful week. If you see me in the next few days, please try not to be distracted by my eye twitching and nervous tics.

Completely unrelated question.... When the kiddos come along, is it no longer acceptable to sleep on the couch because you are throwing a giant tantrum fighting with your husband?

Just wondering....


Lori said...

I hate wondering if a watched phone rings.

Hope this one thing (and others) go smoothly.

annacyclopedia said...

Oh, the agony of job searching. I know it all to well, and loathe it with every fibre of my being. It's especially bad when the job you've applied for is one you really really want. Ugh.

Hope you get good news soon and your stalkee has been off sick for a few days and that's why she hasn't called you back.

Queen Lightning said...

I actually feel as if I can finally comment on something you write! HOOOORAY!

1. You and jeramie are going through the same job nuttiness right now...he is freaking out because they are moving so slow to decide on a panel to interview for the KCK he is always checking his status to see if there is any I get or at least Jeramie gets your anxiety right now...maybe you should myspace him about it and you can become BFF's. .

2. I wonder the same thing too...because I totally sleep on the couch when I am frustrated with Mr. Queen (well if C.D. is Mr. Spicy, then Jeramie is Mr. Queen-don't tell him that) I have actually done better though...I am getting worried though because if cody comes to live with us, i only have a few more months to stop being a pouty baby when we fight....It is like I will be giving birth also...except mine will be 15 and much bigger than me!

Denise said...

You never know what is going on and why she hasn't called yet. And it is all too easy to start doubting yourself. Hang in there!

I think when we have kids the separate sleeping nights will be explained as daddy keeping mommy up with his snoring. That was actually the real reason B slept on the couch with the dogs last night while I stretched out on the king sized bed in peace and quiet. Ahhhh.

Chiron said...

I am totally identifying with the job search thing as I applied for a job more than a month ago and still haven't heard back about an interview. The wait is agonizing, but there's usually a good reason that has nothing to do with you not getting the job. Hope this goes smoothly for you.

Meg said...

Love it, I am on the couch right now....only because J is still sick and was really bitchy, and I mean really down right I am on the fricken couch for the 4th time this week.

Do not email her or call her! She will get back to you. I bet they decided yesterday, ran it by their superiors today and figured it all out and will make calls tomorrow and Friday.

Are you up for a Sloan's lake walk in the cold or an hour on the elliptical at 24 on Saturday AM?

nancy said...

Good luck with the phone call. I really really really hope it comes in for you.

Also, so far in almost 4 years, none of my kids have asked why I'm on the couch. (and why am ~I~ the one on the couch - just realized that.)

Elizabeth said...

I still sleep on the couch, and I have 3 kids! You do what you have to do. I have been meaning to contact you. I found out the reason for my miscarriages is a gene mutation clotting disorder (c677t and A1298c). I go to see a peri on Monday. Look me up on YIM (wubanub) or Aim (harris43004). Good Luck!! Jen H.