March 09, 2008

Calling all IVF'ers

In spite of the emotional tornado I have been riding lately - it is getting close to the beginning of our cycle and....I need to start researching where to get the cheapest drugs. For my IVF cycle, that is. And besides, I probably could do something more productive than lie in bed watching Sex and The City episodes all day (watched the 6th season again this weekend - good stuff).

So - I need some advice - which company did you go to for your meds? Why?

Thanks in advance!


Anonymous said...

Good luck! I know when we were considering IVF, my doc had a list of places. You might want to ask them.

Jo said...

If you can wait a week or 2, ivf meds dot com had great prices. Also does not take too long to get. Cust service has been great for me. They were out of 450 gf pens and sent me the 900 for the price of the 450.
I know they are overseas, but I had a wonderful experience with them all 5 times. : )

Fertilized said...

I used schrafts dot com (affility of walgreens - it was the cheapest for our particuliar drug). Our insurance covered no part of our meds

singletracey said...

you know what.. I shopped around for both IVF's and both times the same place had the best price. It was apothocary shops. email me if you can't find it online and need the number :-)

isn't it pretty to think so said...

Hi, I would like to advise you AGAINST using Schrafts. I used them and had multiple problems. The biggest came with my last cycle:

After finishing my first bottle of Estrace/Estradiol (that was 64 pills, I opened up my new bottle to find that my little blue pills were pink. I immediately called their 24 hour hotline and left a message. They did not call me back for two hours! In the meantime, i called poison control and they told me that they don't know what I had been taking that was blue, but the pink pill was the correct dosage of 1 mg of Estradiol that I had been prescribed. I took my dose thinking maybe they switched generic brands or something. When the pharmacy finally did call me back they told me that the bottle that I finished was the wrong label/dose!! The label said 1 mg, but in fact, it was 2 mg that I was getting. They put the wrong pills in the bottle. I obviously got hysterical and called my dr's office right away. They told me not to worry, this was not a dangerous mistake. I went on to have my fourth miscarriage with that cycle, but they said it was not related to the misdosage. Either way, I will never use them again, and I thought I would pass that on. Good luck!!!

Kim said...

I found you through the L&F :o). Please e-mail me... I may have 'something' that could help.

Denise said...

We use Freedom Fertility Pharmacy. It was the cheaper of the two that CCRM recommended, but it may have been because of our prescription drug coverage from insurance. So I'm not entirely sure on their prices if you pay out of pocket.

I can tell you that their customer services has been excellent-no mistakes, they always called when they were supposed to, the drugs always showed up when they were supposed to, and always very courteous on the phone. They also seemed to work seamlessly with CCRM (no miscommunication).

I like that they do Saturday deliveries if you have Saturday Fed Ex in your area. Made it easier for us since we both work because they usually require a signature to accept delivery.

Anonymous said...

I used both IVPcare and Schraft's. Schraft's was slightly cheaper than IVPcare, but I wouldn't recommend them for your first cycle. IVPcare has better customer service.

Having said that, I also went "underground" to purchase some of my meds. I got stuff at half price at Women who have extra meds or their cycles are canceled sell their stuff there. The quality seems to be fine, as my second cycle worked. Not for everyone, but as I was paying everything out of pocket, anywhere I could save a thousand or two helped.