January 26, 2009

Update.....still yellow

Dr. just called.

Good news: Zane is gaining back his weight like a champ. He left the hospital on Sat. weighing 8lbs 9oz and today he weighed 9lbs even. They like to see a gain of 1-2 oz per day, he gained 7oz in a day and a half. That was a huge relief!

Other news: His bilirubin continues to climb. It is 2 points higher today but still beneath "treatment" levels. We have to take him back to the lab tomorrow to check again.

Thank you all of you who are thinking of us and hoping for us. We (all three of us) are exhausted and Mr. Spicy and I are longing for a few days of uninterrupted bliss with our boy. We are grateful he is doing as well as he is and that the Dr.s are being so diligent with his care. We are just ready for some normalization and reassurance soon. Please send lots of lowering bilirubin thoughts for Zane tomorrow, if you can.

We will keep you posted. In the meantime here is a gratuitous photo of Zane in all his deliciousness:


AJ said...

Just got caught up on your recent posts -- both Sarah and Mary were also jaundiced. Mary had the same problem as Zane -- she is A+ and I am O+ blood types. She had to wear the little electric "glo worm" light vest at home connected to some kind of monitor for a few days. The light vest was cool because she didn't have lights shining in her eyes. Visiting Nurses (or the hospital Home Healthcare nurses) came out daily to poke her heal and test her blood. All went well and she was fine within the week. Sarah's jaundice was less serious and so they told us to put her in a window with sunlight wearing just her diaper at home. No need to worry, everything will be just fine.

Denise said...

He's SO cute!

Did they tell you what his bili number was? Just curious.

Sending Zane lots of poopy thoughts (since that's how they get the bili out of their system, right?).

annacyclopedia said...

He is unbelievably gorgeous, Spicy! It is amazing that he's gaining weight so quickly, too - a very good sign. I am offering up prayers for Zane's bilirubin to go down and for peace and comfort to you and Mr. Spicy.

mary elizabeth said...

totally delicious! sending love and prayers your way!!!