January 16, 2009

40.5 weeks....

Had my NST today. Our Poblano looks "excellent" and was very active! And....apparently I was have some pretty serious contractions. But I wasn't feeling them.

Three different nurses took a look at the readout and asked me, "Are you sure you aren't feeling those?" I explained I could feel some tightening and pressure but no pain or any real distinct "contracty" feelings. I was actually pretty comfy. They just shook their heads and looked at me as if I was insane. They showed me the printout and explained that I was showing pretty mid-level to high-level contractions. Even now, I can barely tell I am having them, but they are nothing regular. Sometimes they last several minutes, and there's not a consistent pattern - but good to know something is happening!

Dr. Z was shown my results and apparently felt good enough about them to let me go till next week when I meet with Dr. Honey. But the nurses! Oh my! They were pushing and pushing for me to go ahead and schedule and induction - what is up with that?! Even as I was walking out, a nurse I am not familiar with asked if I was heading to the hospital to have my baby. I was rather stunned and just stammered..."um, no....not yet!"

I am looking forward to either a) going into labor on my own sometime between now and Tue or b) meeting with Dr. Honey on Tue. She knows my wishes and is really supportive and has said in the past that she would allow me to go to 42 weeks if everything looked alright, without scheduling an induction.

I have been reading lately that studies show that the true average gestation for first time moms is actually closer to 41 weeks + 1 day. And like I said, tardiness is a family trait. So, as long as Poblano is doing fine and wiggling away in there and as long as my body continues to do what it is supposed to (yay! contractions!) - I would rather give us both just a bit more time. But, if we haven't delivered by Tue, I will see what my Dr. says and what her opinion is of the risks over 41 weeks. Ultimately, I will do what is best for my son. But for now, everything seems to be working just as it should be. So I feel good about letting nature take its course.

My doula has been invaluable to me this week especially - she and I have talked almost every day and she is superbly suited to talking me off the ledges I sometimes work myself onto. She has been so encouraging and has helped me maintain perspective and positivity in these last days. Today, after my NST, she applauded me for doing so well. That Poblano is thriving, that I am having good strong contractions - that both are happening simultaneously - all good good things. She made me promise to go do something nice for myself today to celebrate my body and that it is doing its work so beautifully. So, I treated myself to a mani/pedi and deliciously spicy Indian food for lunch. Yum! I rarely get pedicure and almost never get manicures, so this was quite the treat! I chose a sparkly light blue polish for my toes as opposed to the usual crimson. It seemed to say "baby boy" and I thought it would be a nice bright image for me while in labor. It makes me think of fairy dust and magic. And what could be more magical than our baby boy's arrival??

So....still waiting. But feeling positive and excited that he is coming soon!!!! It just occured to me today that perhaps I should have some kind of poll going for people to guess when he will arrive and what his stats will be. You could include guesses in the comments or I could do some fancy link to some poll or something...What do you all think???


Anonymous said...

You are getting close sweets! I think about you all the time and have you in my prayers. I know how the end of pregnancy feels... you are doing fantastic. Keep your spirits up because that baby boy will be here soon!

Denise said...

I saw a new post pop up from you in my reader and was hoping you were in labor! Oh well. I'm glad Poblano is doing well and that your uterus is starting to get in gear! Sending you lots of laboring on your own thoughts for this week (or before Tuesday). I'm proud of you for getting a mani/pedi and I love the idea of the blue polish!

s.e. said...

You are so close! Wouldn't it be wonderful if you never feel the serious contractions and Poblano just magically arrives?

Thanks for your last comment. It gives me hope coming from you!

No guesses but best of luck to you. May you have a smooth and easy delivery and I hope it is as amazing as you have always dreamed.

Phoebe said...

Trust your instincts. That's great that your doc will let you go to 42 weeks!

Meg said...

I would like to bet that I will come home from Hawaii (2/3) and you will still be pregnant but that is just cruel.

Contractions strong and you cannot feel them, perfect!! Blue polish sounds just perfect too!

You will do a fabulous job, you know.

A.J. said...

I always thought it was so funny on TV when a woman goes into labor and they scream out in misery with the first contraction. I didn't feel any pain with my contractions in any of my 3 pregnancies until I entered what I think they call "transition"... oooooo... then I could feel them... but the good part was once I got to "transition" I was probably less than an hour away from delivery for each of my 3 kiddos... it's fun how each baby on earth - more than 6 billion of them - each have a unique birth story. My guesses for the "baby pool" are: 1-22-09 and 8 lbs. 8 oz. ("Thursday's Child Has Far to Go") Love you -

The Muser (aka Beautiful Mama) said...

I see you're still waiting for the little one! Prayers and hopes for peace and health for you and Mr. Spicy and little Poblano as you wait. :)

mary elizabeth said...

i am so excited for you and mr. spicy! just a few days until you meet the new love of your life!

you are about to experience one of the most amazing things this life has to offer!

my love to you both!

annacyclopedia said...

Sounds like your body is getting ready. Glad you are in good spirits and are resisting induction, despite the idiot nurses. You are doing great, Spicy - as always!