May 05, 2009

And the little one said, "Roll Over! Roll Over!"

Zane rolled over this morning.

Gosh that sounds so mundane. For us it was pretty darn amazing. We practically threw him a party! And Mr. Spicy may have even shed a tear or two.

The thing is, he probably has had this super-power for a little while now. But I am a bad mommy and don't like mandatory tummy time. Well I don't like mandatory anything - but that is a whole 'nother post. So. So I haven't been doing a whole lot of tummy time. His head control is great, he's strong and even starting to use his new doorway jumper, so eh, I just figured tummy time could be optional.

But yesterday we went to BYOB yoga (Bring your own baby) and when I would put him on his tummy he would instantly go into cobra pose and I realized he might be close to rolling over if I would just give him enough tummy-time to try it.

So this morning, I placed him tummy-down on our bed and laid next to him and talked to him. I put his pacifiers on either side, just out of reach. And within minutes he pushed up on his arms and shifted his weight like a pro, flopping right on over onto his back. Much clapping and congratulating ensued. Then, because Dad was working from home in the next room, he came in and witnessed Zane's second and third successful rolls. And because I was so fascinated, I put him back on his stomach a couple more times just to watch him do it again and again....poor guy, by the end he was completely tuckered and ready for a nap!

Now that he can do this for himself, he is no longer dependent on me or anyone else to move him when he finds himself unhappily on his tummy.
That seems like sort of a big deal to me.

It also seems like a big deal that he has just dramatically increased his mobility. Holy cow. I don't know if we're ready for this.

But ready or not? Here he rolls!


annacyclopedia said...

So lovely to hear of you and Mr. Spicy enjoying these moments with Zane and celebrating them with all you've got. Just fills my heart with peace and joy for all of you, and with hope for my own future celebrations. Much love to you all.

Meg said...

What a fun milestone! I can picture you both watching his movements so vividly and I cannot wait to hear more and more of these moments. He is such a strong little man!

Sarah K. said...

Leland rolled over this week too, but from his back to his stomach. Neither Mark nor I witnessed it and it hasn't happened again, though he's been close. Mark laid him on the floor to get his bottle (I was at work) and he came back in the room and he was no longer on his back. I'm sort of glad Mark didn't see it, because I would have been so jealous!!! Congrats on Zane's achievement! Here's to mobile kids!