November 18, 2008

32 weeks and all's well

Had my 32 week appt today. Nothing too exciting. My uterus is measuring just a tad big, like just under a week ahead. Blood pressure is nice and low, baby's heartrate was great and he seems to be vertex (head down). All is well.

I came in a bit tearful though. I had been noticing the Poblano didn't seem to be moving as regularly over the last week or so, and this morning he was really abnormally quiet. So, I got myself all worried and worked up even though I know when I've done official "kick counts" I've gotten good results. But sometimes I still can't stop my mind from wandering into "worst case scenario" territory.

So. The nurse very kindly ordered a NST (non-stress test) for me. And as soon as I leaned back into the cushy recliner with the monitors strapped acros my belly and the "kick counter" firmly in hand - our little Poblano decided to put on quite a show. I laughed as he rolled and kicked and pushed almost constantly throughout the entire 20 minutes. Maybe he just needed an audience?

Regardless, he is doing just fine. His heartrate showed a great pattern and he obviously is moving well and I didn't have any contractions - so all is well on the uterine front. Whew!

The only sort of bad news is that my doctor is out of town the entire week of my due date. She also was out of town this week and will be out of town for the week of my 38 week appt - dang! I don't fault her for going on vacation, or whatever she might be doing, but is it too much to ask that she postpone these trips for a few more months?

Anyhow, I am beyond happy that Poblano is growing and moving and getting ready to come out and join us soon. I will post a 32 week belly pic later tonight.


Denise said...

So glad the appointment went well! I know with our monitoring sessions, both babies seemed to be more active at those times. I think they didn't like the pressure of the monitor and the straps and so they would try to push them off!

That sucks that your doctor is going to be out so much. Are you comfortable with the back-up doc?

Spicy Sister said...

Thanks Denise, yeah, I think he didn't like those monitors at all.

The problem is my "back-up" doc could be one of like 5! I have only met one of the other docs in the practice. :(

nancy said...

Glad it's going all so well.

Aren't those NSTs fun? I get that and a BPP each wednesday. As I wake up on mondays and wish my next OB appointment would come sooner, I realize I'm just 2 days away from seeing my little peanut again. I guess you have to look at the bright side of high risk pregnancy, eh?

nancy said...

oh - and wanted to mention ... I love my OB and he delivered both my babies. But I also know that when it comes down to PUSHING (the only time the doc is even in the room for a normal delivery), I didn't care if the freaking janitor was the one to deliver, I just wanted them out! :)

Anonymous said...

I would ask to see the other docs before the end of the pregnancy... once each at least so you are comfortable with them.

I am glad all is well!

Spicy Sister said...

Thanks for the advice and input ladies - I did ask about seeing other docs today and they seemed weirdly hesitant. But I know the doc is only in the room like the last little bit and like you said, Nancy, I probably won't give a hell who it is at that point! :)

I feel like our doula will be key in our comfort in this process. Now if we could just decide on one!

annacyclopedia said...

So glad all is well and that Poblano seems to have a dramatic side to him. Little performer in there!

Meg said...

So glad he is doing well and put on quite a show for you all! I am thrilled you will have him in like 8 weeks! I know it may seem overwhelming, but I think that is the fun of it.

Before I read your comment, I immediately thought of how your doula will be such a great, consistent and familiar face for you. You will pick someone fabulous.

Much love!

Jen said...

Just a week ahead? That's nothing!

Glad to hear he is doing well and showing off. I think it's a conspiracy among babies to make us worry and then when we express worries to the doctors, whomever, the babies show off...

Phoebe said...

I'm so glad all is going well.

I think it would be important to pick one of the other OBs in your practice to back-up your doc. I heard of one story of a friend who didn't have her normal OB do her delivery, and she hated the insensitive jerk who did do her delivery.