November 11, 2009


I left Zane alone in the dining room (aka our bedroom at the moment) for a few minutes and when I returned....

I found him pressing his face to the floor eagerly slurping up water he had just poured there from a cup (plastic thankfully) he had grabbed off of a bar-stool-height chair.

Dude. I totally would have gotten you some clean water.

Oh least it wasn't something stronger*. :)


Denise said...


mary elizabeth said...

you are an amazingly talented writer! i am all caught up on your life now and so enjoyed reading every post! sorry to hear you all have been sick--especially the croupy man. that is a hard one--i remember so many croup episodes with aaron as an infant and toddler.
congrats on your new body girl! you do look fabulous!
how about a dinner party at my place after thanksgiving? will you guys be around?