November 04, 2009

Rhymes with Poop


My little guy has it. He first developed a fever on Friday, then the croupy cough and stridor on Sat. night. By Monday at 5am, despite our many trips into the cool night air and steam sessions in the bathroom, we found ourselves in the ER.

After a breathing treatment and dose of steroid he passed out on my chest and slept for the remainder of our required 3 hours of observation.

He's slowly recuperating but still has a nasty cough and can't sleep more than 20 min or so unless held in our arms in a somewhat upright position.

My poor poor baby!

We are heading back into the doc today.

It is amazing what havoc having a sick baby can bring upon your lives. Thank goodness for a dear friend who came yesterday to help me dig out from under the pile of dirty dishes and laundry!

I really hope he starts feeling a lot better soon. His little voice is so hoarse that he barely makes a sound when he cries. It just breaks my heart.

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poppy.f.seed said...

I had croup! It was the only time I went to the hospital(ever), I hope he improves quickly, and you keep getting some great support!