April 09, 2009

Dressed for Success

Quick post. I have 2 minutes free.

Thought I would share some photos of how I find myself dressed lately when we go out.

Our favorite: The Ergo

Second fav: The Maya Wrap

And ....the pouch. Best for little newborns. Sorry about the messy bathroom* and my stylin' winter pjs. (our house was FREEZING that day)

The Ergo is amazing. I wear him in it when I grocery shop, run errands, wash dishes, cook dinner, etc. I get two free hands, get to have him all snuggled up against me, and he gets held and gets to experience everything I am doing with me - we both win! And the Ergo gives me no back pain at all. And bonus? Wearing an extra 14+ pounds for hours a day qualifies as exercise!

The Maya Wrap is great, super versatile and works great for the newborn stage (Ergo is not as newborn friendly in my opinion - there's a newborn insert but it's bulky and weird). The sling allows me to carry him on my hip or facing out and is good for shorter periods since it does tend to give me some back pain after extended wear.

The pouch is easy and light and worked super well when he was smaller. Technically I could do some of the same holds in it as I do with the ring sling to adapt for him getting bigger, but it just doesn't seem well-suited for a larger baby as much.

Are any of you Mama's out there wearing your babes, or have you worn them when they were smaller? Or any expectant mama's planning to? What are you using? What are your favorites?

* You might notice the Huggies in the background? Yes. Well, Mr. Spicy and I are in a passive aggressive diaper war. Even though we have gorgeous, clean, environmentally friendly cloth dipes, he insists on buying a bag of disposables "just in case" and switching to them when he changes Zane. Then I change him back to cloth - and around we go.


Lori said...

I love seeing you both!

If you would like to guest post a review of these (you can even line up a giveaway if you want -- email me) on All Thumbs Reviews, we'd be happy to put it up.

Z is very cute!

jones said...

oh my goodness. you two are just two cute!

annacyclopedia said...

Well, it remains to be seen when I become a professional, rather than recreational, baby-wearer. I've worn my nephews a lot and other babies occasionally. I know people who swear by the ergo but I've never tried it. I love the Maya Wrap and also the Mei-Tai. I like a sling style for little babies cause I find them easier to adjust and also to get on and off when you want to put them down. And for me, the Maya wrap old style without any padding is the best sling ever. I prefer the style with just pleats so I can spread the fabric right out over my shoulder and across my back - I never find I get much back pain or pressure points that way. The Mei-Tai is good for bigger babies cause it keeps them very secure - much like the Ergo. I've also used the kind that's just a huge piece of fabric - like 3m long or something - that you criss cross around you and the baby. It sort of has the advantages of both styles - very wide surface area of support so no pressure points, and nice and snug for the wee one.

Ahhh, fun. Babywearing is the best. Can't wait for my turn!

And it's great to see you and your little one looking so sharp! Thanks for the photos.

poppy.f.seed said...

I like seeing them and the ratings.
I plan to wear my baby, not sure with what, yet.

satmst said...

I am wearing Joley often too. :)

My favorite is the Baby Hawk. I adore it!!!! She loves to be all snuggled up close to me. I will eventually back carry her but not for awhile. She is a little peanut... like around 11 pounds still.

The other carrier I use often is my Action Baby Carrier. I like this one especially when we are out and about. I hate to get the BH straps dirty and the ABC is so quick to put on. I would really, really love to have an O&A but don't see it in my future since we are broke.

I have a ring sling that Joley isn't overly fond of right now. I found that Johnny liked those when he was a bit bigger though so I will keep trying.

You guys look great Duffy!

The Muser (aka Beautiful Mama) said...

I wore SparkleEyes a lot. Didn't like the Maya Wrap a whole lot and didn't like our Baby Bjorn, though I used it for a long time. I ended up really liking the Snugli we had for awhile (before our jealous dog ate it one day--she went through a phase where she ate any of SparkleEyes' stuff she could get her jaws on whenever we left...she left everything else alone!). The Snugli was more secure than some of the other things we tried. I also ended up really liking the playtex hip hammock once SparkleEyes was bigger, though it was always uncomfortable if she fell asleep bcs she couldn't get a good angle to cuddle up against me. Now that SparkleEyes is 2 1/2 we use our hiking backpack quite a bit. We had a nice Kelly something or other until the dog ate that one too. Now we have a really basic model. Can't remember the brand. :)

Spicy Sister said...

Thanks for the input ladies! (Beautiful Mama - I would be so furious with our dogs if they ate our carriers, I am kind of addicted to them! You are a very patient mama!)

It's great to hear what others have found success with. It's easy to just want to keep buying different ones and trying them out.