July 06, 2009

Rice Cereal: A story in pictures

We planned to start Zane on rice cereal on Father's Day, which was also his 5 month birthday. But I ended up in the ER that day, so we pushed it back a day. He has now been eating rice cereal mixed with breast milk, every night for two weeks and he loves it! But it didn't start out that way:

Hmmm....this is odd, wonder why they have me sitting up here.

What are you mixing up there, Mama? Can I have some?

Wait a minute! I was just kidding!

Seriously NOT impressed.

Why are you doing THIS again?

Maybe it tastes better straight from the bowl?

Or from a cup! What a great idea!



Ok. Maybe I was quick to judge. I will try the spoon again. Bring it on.

So far so good.

I can't believe I almost missed out on this! Hurry up Mama!

kthx! I will take it from here! Bye Bye!

And the rest is history......


Denise said...

Hahahahah!!! Too cute!

Jen said...

I'm so jealous. Zane is a much neater eater than O. We just started rice cereal Friday, two days before his 5-month-birthday. He likes to stick his hands in his mouth or eat the bib while sitting in his bumbo...

But adorable.

Meg said...

so cute! i bet he will LOVE more and more food soon!