December 23, 2008

37 weeks

Had my 37 week appt today.

  • I am still just 1cm dilated. Which is pretty much right on schedule. I really *felt* like things were changing, and expected a bit more, but we're ok with 1cm. I want Poblano to come when he is good and ready. Even though I am dying to meet him - I can be patient!
  • I am negative for GBS - yay!
  • My blood pressure (90/60) is great.
  • We did another NST and Poblano is doing perfectly.
  • I am having mild contractions and "cramping".
  • My Dr. looked over my "birth plan" (we're calling it Birth Wishes though) and approved everything.
Other than that, I am pretty wiped out most of the time - my huge surge of energy over the last couple weeks seems to be conspicuously missing. My brain is literally the size of a marble right now - I am really foggy and forgetful and lack normal reflexes. I am kind of scared to drive, feels like I am high on something.

It is also a really bizarre Christmas for me. Mr. Spicy and I decided to devote our time, energy, and finances this year to just laying low and prepping for Poblano's arrival - which is surprisingly a lot of work! So, no major crafting or baking sprees for me, and we aren't even really doing gifts except for kids in our family and maybe a few other family members. I feel sort of lame. It seemed like a good idea, a relief, when we made the decision. But now I am sort of missing all the holiday hullabaloo. I actually *love* buying and making gifts for others at Christmas. And now I feel all scroogy and weird because we haven't done that this year. Bah humbug!

But, we have carved out some time to honor our usual Christmas Eve traditions and to make some space for quiet spiritual reflection which is really the most important part of the season for me. So I am really looking forward to that.

And in case I sound grumpy and whiny - I assure you I am not. Just wishing I had more to give on all fronts: time, energy, gifts, attention.... I feel like we have begun the retreat into our cave to prepare for the life changing event to come, and I am having a hard time not being as available or as giving to the people we love as my heart would like to be.

But I am thrilled our little one is doing so well, grateful that I am doing so well, and looking forward to some time with my hubby over his holiday "break". It feels like we are awaiting the biggest Christmas gift of our lives and we aren't quite sure when it (he) will get here. Talk about joyful anticipation!

I hope everyone has a really special and meaningful time with people they love this holiday season - whatever that looks like for each of you. May you all be blessed with peace, love, and joy.


PJ said...

You're so close! :)

I love the belly shots below. I should say, I covet them! :)

Merry Christmas!

Meg said...

Happy holidays chica. Enjoy this time and try to add some rest to the prep do have such a wonderful holiday present this year and he will make an appearance in no time.

mary elizabeth said...

wishing you the very best this holiday season! sounds like you are doing very well! i am thinking of you both! keep me posted on pablano!
happy holidays!

Denise said...

I can't wait for Poblano to make his appearance!