October 04, 2008


When we first became pregnant we dreamed of a vacation on a beach somewhere as our last getaway before the third trimester hit and before we became new parents. We were going to spend long days lounging on the beach, drinking cold fruity drinks, frolicking in the surf and reading good books. Ha!

That was obviously before we realized all the costs involved with baby-having. Not that we're broke, but my working temp jobs here and there, our house projects, prepping for parenthood, etc...well they have left us a bit more realistic.

So, we are headed to a hotel downtown for the weekend. A hotel with a heated pool, a large bathtub in our room, room service, movies, and a really comfy bed. I. cannot. wait. To me, these amenities just about make up for the lack of an ocean view.

I am bringing books, supplies for facials (don't tell anyone I told you this, but Mr. Spicy likes the facials as much as I do!), sexy pj's, a swimsuit, a dress (for if we manage to actually leave the room), and not a whole lot else.

There are a lot of moments I hope will unfold this weekend for us, I hope it is romantic and reinvigorating and restful. But also?

I hope I get to eat a big giant ice cream sundae, that I didn't have to make, while sitting in a hot bathtub. And then? I want to read trashy gossip mags in a bed I won't have to make either.

I am aiming high here people!

So....are any of you pregnant ladies planning a "babymoon" of your own? (and don't you think the title of "babymoon" is a bit silly when you actually say it out loud?) What are you planning?
Or any moms out there have good babymoon stories to share?


s.e. said...

You have just educated me on the babymoon. Just one more reason I would like to get pregnant.

Sounds wonderful. Enjoy!

HeidiM said...

Sounds nice, especially the large bathtub. I didn't have any plan, but now you have me thinking. It would be cool to get the pregnant-in-a-bikini-on-the-beach shot. We are soooo far from a beach though. Maybe I'll extend out a biz trip and take DH along to FL. ;)

The Muser (aka Beautiful Mama) said...

I don't have a good babymoon story to share, but your post did get me thinking about my babymoon. It was during the worst period of my prenatal depression and was a pretty awful vacation, but it also was one of those moments when joy and healing and hope mingled with the depression...it was good to write about it, remember it, regain it. Thanks for the inspiration: http://musings-musings-musings.blogspot.com/2008/10/babymoons-babydespair-babyjoy.html